Website is being updated

By admin

Everyone, I just want to let you know that we are working on our website. There were some problems with the “back end”, that is where we do stuff like add new cases of animals in need, add photos, all that stuff.

In addition we are doing some updates. One of the biggest issues we have had since we started is that people have trouble logging in, especially when donating with PayPal. We are adding a way that you can donate without having to log in to our website first. We are also adding the ability to log in with Facebook, so you do not have to remember a username and password, if you want to log in.

Unfortunately there are some errors with some files on our website and this process is taking longer than we thought! At the moment we cannot add new cases, but we are working on it as fast and best we can. We do not have a lot of money and resources to deal with website issues, so it may take longer than big sites like GoFundMe that have a team of IT professionals on salary (paid for by taking a percentage of your donations!). If you have questions you can email us or leave a comment on this post, or (BEST WAY) send us a message on our Facebook page!

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