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Sweet Zola needs some tests.

Her owner Linda is a senior citizen on a fixed Social Security income. She has Zola regularly checked at the vet, especially now that she is getting around 8 years-old, but she cannot afford the tests Zola now needs!

Zola was rescued by Linda six years ago from a puppy mill. Linda had contacted the Humane Society, and they had put her in touch with a rescue that had recently taken in a number of large dogs from a puppy mill the authorities had shut-down. The dogs had been horribly abused, as an example Zola was only 38 pounds at the time, when she should have been 100 or more! She was skin and bones and almost dead, but Linda took her in!

Linda and Zola

About two years ago Linda's husband passed away from pancreatic cancer. She moved into a condo here in California with Zola, and Zola is her best friend and companion. As Linda tells us "Everyone loves Zola! A lot of people in the condo don't even know my name, but they know Zola!"

What Zola Needs

A growth on Zola's back has recently gotten quite large. In addition, she seems to have swollen glands, and even to have some trouble breathing. The veterinarian wants to do a thyroid test and a test for cancer, but Linda just does not have the money available. So let's help Zola get the testing she needs so we can properly care for her! She is a great dog, who had a hard start in life! Thank you so much! Please help share her story and donate if you can!

Zola's Vet Documents


Zola passed away. She had to be humanely euthanized. A partial refund of donations was sent to all donors, after the cost of some medications and euthanasia was expensed.

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