Yoko The Shep


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Bad News:

Yoko's previous owner didn't take the best care of him. We don't believe there was any malicious intent but more neglect. This Adorable guy hade been attacked by 3 other dogs not once but TWICE! As a result he has received 9 puncture wounds including ones that go through his bone! OUCH!

Good News!!

At only 11 months, Yoko didn't stand a chance against these older and much bigger  (Pit mix, another Shepard mix, and a large mix) dogs in the home he was living in previously. His owner decided not to take him to the vet after the first attack. Now, Yoko has been attacked again and the neglect continued.

Ally, a neighbor with an amazing moral compass saw the neglect and felt she had to do something! After seeing the condition he was in, Ally had the owners surrender the dog to her! She saved Yoko so that she could give him the care he needs.

Ally is studying to be a vet tech so with student bills/loans and living expenses she find it hard to afford the immediate surgery.


However,  we're more than confident that with this new home and surgery Yoko will be on his way to living the rest of his happy, healthy life!

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