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Wolfe was dumped!

Poor little girl thrown away, left scared and crying in the street!

She has been named in honor of Melissa Wolfe, well known animal rescuer.

A good samaritan witnessed poor Wolfe being dumped from a car, and then tossed over a fence! The poor little girl was scared to death and ran down the street screaming and yelping! Fortunately the witness and a friend were able to catch Wolfe and then contact DreamFetchers Animal Rescue who rushed poor Wolfe to their vet.

Wolfe's injuries and condition

Poor Wolfe had a lot wrong with her. She had clearly been neglected for a long time, with bad teeth, and never having been spayed or chipped. In addition she could barely walk on all fours. DreamFetchers got in touch with GreenDog Foundation and they got her to their vet in Irvine, Camino Pet Hospital.

There she was diagnosed with luxating patella's in both rear legs, a condition where the knee dislocates very painfully, making walking almost impossible in Wolfe's case. It was very bad and surgery on one leg was done right away. The other leg is pending, partially on raising enough money for poor Wolfe.

Melissa Wolfe

Wolfie has been named in honor of Melissa Wolfe, a well known and prolific animal rescuer and networker in California. GreenDog Foundation wanted to honor her, as she passed away recently after battling an illness, without letting anyone in the rescue community know... Melissa wanted to keep the focus on the animals. Here is a message from Melissa's family:

Message from Melissa's family to all of Melissa's friends in Ojai, CA and in the dog rescue community, it is with a very heavy heart we post this sad news. 
Our hearts are broken to lose our precious Melissa. Melissa has lost her valiant two-year fight against cancer. We will miss her deeply but are glad that she is no longer in pain.
A Celebration of Life will be held to honor and remember Melissa Wolfe at Soule Park, Ojai, CA this Saturday at 1:00. Please join in a casual gathering of friends and family of Melissa to share stories and memories with us. We'll have some music and refreshments as well. It will be held at Pavillion #4. Unfortunately, no dogs are allowed in the park.
Melissa Jeannette Wolfe lost her brave two-year battle with cancer on November 4, 2017. Melissa, a devoted voice and advocate for voiceless and vulnerable animals has spent the last several years of her life working tirelessly to rescue dogs from kill shelters. On her social media site there exist photos of hundreds of dogs that are alive because of her compassionate hard work. She was also fondly called “the chicken lady of Ojai” because of her expertise caring for and healing exotic and domestic chickens.
Melissa came to Ojai 18 years ago where she lived with her partner Dr. Steve Matzkin, a chiropractor. Melissa was a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and practiced acupuncture and natural medicine. The couple’s life work focused on the healing of both humans and animals. Prior to coming to Ojai Melissa lived in Carpenteria where she trained polo ponies and broke tradition by becoming one of the first women polo players at the Santa Barbara Polo Fields. She developed an innate love for animals and nature during her early years in Santa Barbara’s Mission Canyon and later at a neighboring farm in Pennsylvania where she owned her first horse and began rescuing injured birds.
Her life touched so many. Her absence has saddened hundreds of lives and she will be greatly missed.
Our family has been uplifted by the incredible outpouring of love particularly from Melissa's animal rescue community. Your posts are overwhelming and comforting. Seeing the photos of the dogs and how her love for animals has touched so many lives is a wonderful legacy. We really had no idea how powerful her work was. She was very humble about her work; she would sometimes tell us about dogs that were saved and dogs that were lost. 
Yours is a loving community, thank you for your many prayers. God bless you all.

Donations for Wolfe are only paid to GreenDog Foundation for Wolfe's care specifically. Please help Wolfe by SHARING this story and donating if you can! Thank you so much!!

Vet Documents and Surgery Pictures:

First vet document: Wolfe

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    I have a Pom and he means the world to me. I am praying for Wolfe for a speedy recovery.
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    For sweet Wolfie - will share as well!
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    Donation for Wolfe