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Being sold in a parking lot at only 4 weeks of age!

This poor little pup was being sold outside a grocery store in Long Beach, CA. Fortunately Alexandra happened by, and saw that Trixie was clearly sick, and managed to talk the person selling her into giving her up!

At first Alexandra did not know that Trixie was only 4 weeks old, and when she first took her home Alexandra tried to feed her, but she wouldn't eat (of course), and also was not drinking. So the next day Alexandra took her to the vet and got the surprise news!

What was wrong

Poor little Trixie was only 4 weeks old, on top of that she had an infection and at least two different parasites (worms). She was going to be dead in a few days without immediate treatment, which Alexandra was not financially prepared for!

Fortunately the vet agreed to begin treatment without payment with our promise to pay. We waited on this case for fundraising to see how Trixie did, because she was really really bad off... but fortunately Trixie did make it!


Trixie had to have a number of treatments and stay for sometime in the vet, but today she is home with Alexandra who has adopted her! Could you help with Trixie's bill? Alexandra has paid $100 herself, but she is a student and doesn't have much available money. We are hoping to raise enough to pay of the remaining amount of the bill and to cover upcoming booster shots for her vaccines. Thank you so much!!! WOOF!

Vet Bill

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