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Tinkerbell has a HUGE tumor

About eight months ago a small tumor started growing on her belly, probably a mammary gland. Her owner did not have money to see a vet, and hoped it would go away. He had taken Tinkerbell from a neglectful owner some years back, and he did care for her, but he is a local handyman, with no car, and very little money.

Unfortunately, as you might expect, the tumor did not go away. It got worse. And worse. And then the other day, it partially burst. Fortunately our friend Suzanne, who you might remember from the case of Lily and Indi, found out about the situation, and she even knew the owner as he had done some repairs on her property years ago. Suzanne agreed to take Tinkerbell, the owner surrendered her to Suzanne, and she has taken Tinkerbell to the vet. Below is a video of the vet examining Tinkerbell, as well as providing an explanation of the condition and the next steps:

How to help Tinkerbell

The tumor has been biopsied and we are awaiting results. Regardless of that, it needs to be removed urgently. The tumor is clearly infected and getting worse. The surgery is estimated at about $1000.00 and we need most of that funding to proceed. All donations are paid only to the vet, for Tinkerbell, as you can see on the estimate below. Please consider a donation to help save Tinkerbell's life, and please share this story! If you would be interested in adopting Tinkerbell after she is healed, let us know! She will be available for adoption. Thank you!

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