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Poor Kitty has a really bad ear infection

Tiger is a female Tabby of about 8 years. She was rescued out of SEEACA shelter in Downey, CA by Rob at about 1 year of age. He was looking for a new cat, doing the right thing #AdoptDontShop, and Tiger reminded his children of a cat they had previously. So it was Tiger's lucky day and she got a new home!

She has been a great cat for years, and usually healthy... but about a month ago Rob noticed she was rubbing her ear, and seemingly irritated by it. Then he started to notice some discharge coming from the ear. But it was about 10 days ago that it really started to get worse.

What is wrong with Tiger's ear

Now her ear has a lot of discharge, and a very bad smell. It clearly hurts poor Tiger as well. Rob is on a fixed income now and just does not have any extra money available. He has called to a number of vets, and gotten a general consensus that she has a severe ear infection that needs treatment soon. The price is looking to be around $300, about the best price that could be arranged!

Can you help Tiger get out of pain and this infection cleared up? Can you please SHARE her story and donate if you can? It will not take a lot to get her better, so please donate in any amount, it will go a long way! Thank you!

Images of Tiger's infected ear (a bit graphic):

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