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Cat and Dog, Rescued Together!

Francella Petaccia is an animal rescuer and supports rescues, and our good friend Faith Easdale. The other day she was waiting in line at ACE Hardware in Riverside when she over heard some young people in front of her in line talking to the cashier about a kitten in the dumpster outside the store. They were talking about what to do with the kitten, and looking for the number for animal control. Francella got involved and got the kitten, looking at her Francella knew her condition would get her put-to-sleep at the shelter, so she asked them to surrender the kitten to her.

Same day she is at another store and what does she over hear from people in the store talking? There is a dog hiding in the bushes outside that seems to be injured! So she has the folks lead her outside to where the dog is hiding, and yep, there is a little girl hiding in the bushes, whimpering, and obviously injured. So Francella took the doggie too!

The vet results

Francella asked us for help because she does not have the money to pay for the vet care for these two, so we first asked her to take them to Day Creek Animal Hospital for an initial exam, to see what was wrong. Both we and Francella thought the problem was going to be the kitten, and the dog was probably ok.... but it was the opposite. The kitten is pretty well off, she has an upper respiratory infection and eye infection, and she might have to lose one eye. But we all thought it would be a lot worse. For now she just needs medications, and we will see how it goes.

But the dog turned out to be a real problem. She has some serious internal injuries and needed multiple x-rays, and must have her tail amputated. She should recover, but she needs the surgery ASAP and has to stay at the vet for now (the kitten went home with Francella).

Neither animal had any identification or chip, nor were they spayed. The dog may have been from a homeless camp. There was one near the store where she was found, and people reported seeing a similar dog with a homeless couple there. Recently the police cleared out that camp, and the dog may have run off or otherwise become separated from the couple. But that is just a guess, and no one knows specifically who there are, or where they are now.

The plan:

Francella wants to get both of them full treated, then she will put them up for adoption. She really needs our help here with the bill! Can you help Francella keep these two out of the shelter, get them healed and get them good homes! Please share this story and donate! Thank you so much!!!

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