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Skittles is very sick.

We thought it was kennel cough, then pneumonia, but then... Parvo.

Free Animal Doctor took Skittles out of the San Bernardino City Animal Shelter on November 9th. She went straight to our vet to be spayed, but as it was late in the afternoon they waited until the next day. Then it was discovered that she had a cough and some nasal discharge, what appeared to be so-called Kennel Cough, which is an upper respiratory infection (URI), so surgery had to be delayed, and she was given antibiotics.

In the next days she seemed very depressed at the vet, lethargic and not eating. X-rays revealed pneumonia, so we started looking for a foster. It was difficult, because pneumonia is contagious, so we need a foster with an isolation room or with no other dogs... but we found two! (THANK YOU GUYS)... and we were already to get Skittles out to a foster to recover, when we decided, just to be safe, to do a Parvo test.


Sadly, the test was a strong positive, probably a 95% chance of being accurate. Parvo is a very deadly disease, and as a virus cannot be directly treated. We have to keep Skittles on an IV for fluids, and nutrients (she isn't eating). She is also on antibiotics through the IV.

Skittles when she was first at the vet, happy and energetic:

The good thing is that she was already being treated for pneumonia, which is basically the same treatment for Parvo. So, because we were already treating her for that, we did start the Parvo treatment early, and earlier than we normally would have. We are hopeful that this early treatment will give her an advantage in fighting the virus!

How you can help and what we are doing

Parvo is expensive to treat. We are asking for donations to help cover our unexpected expenses with Skittles. We expect the final bill will be about $3000.00. Our request is if everyone can help us cover half of that. FAD staff will be putting up the other half! All donations are being used only for her vet bill at Day Creek Animal Hospital in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Thank you so much!!! And please help us SHARE Skittles' story as well! WooooooF!


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