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Hit by a car!

They crushed her leg and didn't even stop!

Poor Sissy, she is just one year-old, and this is a terrible injury. The family is devastated. They rushed her to the vet, after the car that hit her never even slowed down.... but they cannot afford the bill.

Sissy is in the hospital now, on pain medication, but she can't stay long if they don't pay something more... and she needs surgery as well to repair her leg.

The family has paid what they can so far, a few hundred dollars, and they started a GoFundMe before they contacted us, but they are not having success with it. Here at Free Animal Doctor we can reach more people because our donations are verified and secure. We will only pay the donated amount to the veterinarian, Sunny Mead Vet of Moreno Valley.

Family's message:

"Today my little chihuahua ran out the gate and got hit by a speeding vehicle who did even stop to look just kept on driving. Took her the vet and they are charging $1600 + for surgery $300 to keep her sedated .

"Sissy is a very caring dog she loves to sleep on top of my black dame and are always chasing each other. She grew special bond between my 6 year old who has always has 6+ tantrums during the day but with her around it has gone down to maybe 1 . My son has speech delay and gets mad a lot (he has been tested for autism but is only speech and motor skilled delay) but with Sissy he doesn't have to talk to her, he sits she comes running to his lap, they lay down to watch tv together, play outside together , they enjoy chasing chickens back into the pen. Almost all of my son activities are with her."

Thank you for SHARING Sissy's story and for your donation! WOOOF!


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