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Punctured Lung!

Little Scooter was attacked by coyotes!

California people, please take this one as a warning! Scooter's owner Cindy has never had a coyote issue where she live (Riverside, CA). In the morning she let her three dogs out, and almost immediately heard a horrible scream. A group of coyotes had been waiting outside her fence, and jumped in almost as soon as the dogs were let out.

Poor Scooter got grabbed up trying to defend the others. Fortunately Cindy was quick and managed to chase them off, but Scooter was already severely injured. She rushed him to the ER, and now he is at another vet (see documents below). After paying for his initial treatment, she is now out of funds, and poor Scooter has a punctured lung.

What Scooter needs now:

Fortunately the vet has begun treatment. In the pictures here with the red sweater he is in the oxygen chamber. He needs pure oxygen as he cannot breath well due to the punctured lung. The two clips on his neck are for the jugular catheter, and he has a tube inserted in his chest in the wound. The sweater is holding all this together.

Please, Scooter needs SHARES and DONATIONS for his surgery and on-going care. His prognosis is good, but it is hard, and hard on him. Poor guy is seriously wounded, his wound is big enough to put a hand into, and he is so small!!!

Here is a quote from Cindy visiting him this evening:

"Got a couple very slight tag wags and a very tiny lick, but mostly Scooter is extremely exhausted.  Tried to get him to eat white rice and chicken breast, but not interested today.  The coyote had made a tear that was large enough that the Dr could fit four of his fingers inside.  The picture was very deep - about an inch and half to two inches.  No air trapped inside, positive news.  Draining the "serum" through the tube inserted in his chest. And it is looking good.

Brought Scooters toys and blanket.  He had a sparkle in his eye when he smelled his toy.  Tomorrow I will return during visiting hours and bring more chicken ... hope he will have an appetite then."

All donations are paid to the vet, and are specifically for Scooter and his treatment only! Thank you!

Scooter playing with his friends before happened:

Vet Documents:

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