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Left alone and locked up in a back-yard

Saucy's owner passed away a short-time ago, and she appeared to be left in the care of her boyfriend. There were rumors of drug and alcohol abuse, and a neighbor was worried for Saucy. She had heard that the boyfriend had a previous dog that had died from neglect, having been left in the yard with no food or water.

As you can imagine the neighbor became even more worried when she noticed Saucy being left, locked in the back yard for days on end. She brought food and water and put it over the fence, and also contacted animal control, but animal control stated the dog had food and water (provided by the neighbor not the owner!) when they visited, and declined to intervene.

Then the house was quiet. For days. And more days. The boyfriend appeared to have left, and Saucy was locked alone in the back-yard, with only the neighbor to provide food and water. More worried, the neighbor managed to contact others with the house, and got possession of Saucy, who by this time was quite skinny, and when taken to the vet was reported as dehydrated.

The foxtails embedded in Saucy's fur and skin from days in the rough:

Video of foxhead removal:

Saucy's condition

Though Saucy had been seen last month walking around normally, but the time she was rescued she was not using her back legs. The vet believes she has a condition similar to arthritis which is causing the blockage of nerve signals through a particular area of the hips. She is being treated with anti-inflammatories and has had some improvement. The hope is that her condition will improve with proper diet, less stress, and renewed movement of atrophied muscles. Though she may require further care. She is currently doing laser treatments, we will see if those continue this week.

Saucy walking (with assistance):

Saucy is a senior, reportedly 14 years old, and is now with a foster home that is working with her everyday to get her walking again! She has had a very rough life, and did not deserve to be left locked in a back yard to die of thirst and starvation! You can help with Saucy's recovery by sharing her story and making a donation to her care. All donations go only to the vet bills, for her continuing medications, laser treatments, and follow ups! Thank you!

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