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Rosaria (Rose) heard about him on Sunday, April 30th. He had been running stray for nearly a month in the San Gabriel area, and there was a person trying to catch him but she had no where to take him. Rose contacted her and said "If you get him, you can bring him to me!". Well, the person got him that night, and here is what we looked like when he showed up as Rose's house Sunday around 9PM:

He was terribly matted, thick clumps of it all over and very dirty. Rose is a hairdresser, and she trimmed him, and gave him a light bath, noticing that he had a very injured front right leg and paw. Here is a video of him at that time:

Rose got in touch with us at Free Animal Doctor that night, and we made a plan to get him to the vet the next day, Monday, May 1st.

At the vet

We took him to West Main Animal Hospital in Alhambra, CA the morning of Monday, May 1st. He's very friendly, even if a bit scared. Warms up to people fast... he really is a good dog! His teeth are bright white and perfect, he's still really a puppy, probably just around one year-old.

He has a deformed right leg, seemingly from the wrist down, but maybe from the elbow. The doctor thinks it is most likely a birth defect, or an injury sustain very young. It does not seem to be a recent trauma like being hit by a car. The paw and the wrist are just dangling, and nothing more than a useless appendage. The best thing for him will be amputation. He is clearly adjusted to walking on three legs, and there is no chance of it improving or being fixed with surgery. Without surgery he would be at risk of a painful injury, infection etc... so we have scheduled amputation for May 2nd. He is also not neutered, but one testicle has not descended, so he may not be neutered during the amputation surgery, the doctor will see how it goes.

Video of his exam:

What we did for him today and how you can help Samson

The doctor assures us he is not in pain, and he is very happy actually, so we are having the vet give him a good bath today, along with a blood panel and general prep for surgery. He will go home with Rose this afternoon after his bath, and get a good meal (again, he ate well this morning). Then he will have surgery tomorrow (May 2nd) afternoon to amputate the deformed area. He will need to stay at the vet for 2-3 days after the amputation. Then he will be available for adoption.

If you would like to FOSTER Samson while he recovers please contact us at same if you would like to adopt him! He will be a great dog for someone, he will be a tripod, but he gets along great on three legs. Of course we need donations as well, so if you would please SHARE his story on social media, such as Facebook, and if you can make a donation to his care, we would appreciate it! You can donate on this page, but choosing a donation amount, or you can donate at type SAMSON in the comment section.

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