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Awwww! Little 5lb Sally!

OK! She used to be 8 pounds... but she was overweight! Sally was dumped on the friends of Adriana a few months ago. Unfortunately the husband there has a dog allergy, and though they wanted to help Sally, they had to keep her fairly isolated. Fortunately Adriana came up with a great idea! She had rescued a little poodle, a breed that doesn't trigger allergies, and she offered her friends a trade! They happily agreed, and little Sally came to Adrianna's home! WOOF!

The next thing that happened is Sally really came out of her shell. Now in a home with young kids and other dogs, and able to run around the whole house she became really active and out-going. And Ace, Adriana's 3 year-old daughter, made Sally her best friend forever for realz! She plays with Sally, dresses her up, and makes mom bring Sally along wherever they go!

What's going on with Sally

Two things, one more pressing than the other. The main item is she has bad teeth. Especially she has one major canine that is separated from the gum, but has not fallen out. It is infected, clearly painful, and has to go. There are probably a few more that have to go as well.

In addition Sally seems to have bad hips. She can have trouble walking at times. She was overweight, and now that is being controlled, and some of this problem may go away with that. But the vet would still like to do x-rays to check what is wrong.

Let's help Sally get out of this tooth pain, and get the dental surgery she needs! Can you share her story and help with a donation!? Thanks!!!!!

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