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Ryu hit by a car! Badly injured leg!

Starla's neighbors moved about four weeks ago, and shortly after she noticed this little guy wandering around the now empty property. Her kids recognized him as Ryu, the neighbors dog, who they had obviously left behind when they moved.

Starla's family (3 children) took Ryu in, but it was hard at first... he didn't trust them, and didn't seem to want to come up to people at all. Chihuahua's can be like that, and he may have not been treated that well by the original owners, who after all had abandoned him. But, after a few weeks he started to get better, especially with Symphony, the oldest daughter who is autistic.

Symphony really took to Ryu, and the two have become fast friends. She takes him with her everywhere, carrying him around the house, playing with him, walking him, they are just together almost all the time!

What happened:

A few days ago Starla put Ryu in the fenced back yard, but he escaped, most likely by digging under the fence. Starla went looking for him, and neighbors reported they though he had been hit by a car, but he had run off and no one could find him. Fortunately the next day he showed up on Starla's door, but his right rear leg was really bad looking.

Starla has a full family, and they weren't intending to get a dog, so she doesn't have much available money to get him treated. She took him to the vet and paid for the exam and x-rays, but really that is most of her available money.

Ryu has a bad break of his fibula, and the skin on his leg is pulled back so badly that it is hanging off exposing the bone. This is very painful, but it is also a very serious infection risk, and can be deadly. The vet, Ark Animal Hospital in Victorville, CA, has decided to keep Ryu in the clinic because of the severity of his wounds. They can do the surgery to repair his broken leg, and Starla and Symphony are committed to caring for him with the detailed and time-consuming care he will need after surgery! But they just do not have the money. The bill is at least $1600.00, in addition to the nearly $400.00 Starla has already spent herself.

Can you please help Ryu? You will be helping a young girl too, Symphony is just crushed about what happened and that Ryu has to stay at the vet! Please share Ryu's case and donate if you can!!!

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