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Meet Mr. Ruff!

Why is he so happy? Because 3 years ago he got adopted by Krystal and her family! He is the most happy smiling, well natured Pittie you will meet! Everyone just loves him, and he loves everyone!

See, Krystal was at home working in the kitchen when the doorbell rang. There was a young girl that Krystal recognized as a neighbor, but didn't really know. The girl said she couldn't keep Ruff and was going to dump him out in the desert, unless Krystal could take him... yes, really! Can you imagine!?

Krystal took Ruff in, but she was nervous. She had a teacup Yorkie (named Mr. Man) and kids, how would this guy Ruff behave? So her original plan was to foster him until she could find someone to adopt, but that didn't work out!

Turned out Ruff took about a day to become everybody's best friend, from little Mr. Man, to the kids, to Krystal! Really! Ruff was just the best right from the beginning... the kids loved him, Mr. Man followed him around everywhere, and Krystal just had to keep him!

Then Ruff got sick

About 2 weeks ago Ruff stopped eating. At first it didn't seem to bad, but over the days he really stopped completely. Krystal thought at first he was just reacting to the recent heat-wave, or maybe been bitten by something.... she didn't really know. But as it continued, and she noticed Ruff visibly losing weight, she took him to the vet.

Ruff went into Ark Animal Hospital and had a full exam and x-rays. The long story short is he has at least one obstruction in his intestines and an enlarged kidney, which is probably the result of the obstruction. The vet has him on medications to help pass the obstruction, but he will almost certainly need surgery.

Helping Ruff, helping Krystal!

She's already spent most of her available money on getting Ruff diagnosed. Krystal has kids to take care of, and Mr. Man is getting older and she has to pay for medications for him too... so she really needs help with this unexpected expense of surgery for Ruff!

As always, donations are only paid to the vet! Donations are for Ruff specifically! Please help share this link, and donate! Thank you! ruffffff!

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    Get better soon Ruff
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    praying for Mr Ruff