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Notice her eyes look strange?

Roxy has inverted eyelids, which could lead to blindness.

A rescue, and only a one year-old pup, sweet Roxy had an infection at birth that lead to deformed eyelids. If not treated with surgery, this will lead to blindness even though her eyes are otherwise healthy!

From the vet:

Born with Infection in both eyes (eyelids inside out-she can go blind), possible worms, and fungus on fur. She has green discharge in both eyes and nose. Upper respiratory infection. Doctor is recommending to get her started on some antibiotics and nasal drops to help take care of that. He did add 3 skin testing to rule out ringworm. mange, or fungal infection. Her ears are very dirty so doctor is also recommending having an ear cleaning done to help take care of that.

How to help:

Her adopter Milena saved her from certain death in the animal shelter, but now needs our help with a nearly $2000.00 vet bill for treatment and surgery. She can put in about $350 (she has already spent her available money on treatment up to now), so we are looking to raise $1650.00 to get Roxy treated!

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