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Peewee the Chi!

Rescued, he needs urgent surgery for a swollen testicle that did not drop!

The vet thinks it is most likely a cancerous tumor, but if they can get it out quick, it should be OK! Peewee is a really sweet Chihuahua, a rare friendly one that loves playing with strangers and other dogs! He is a great little guy, and this procedure will save his life!

His story

Peewee was found by Cheryl outside her condo complex in Azusa, California, on busy Azusa Blvd. about five years ago. He had open sores, was filthy and covered with fleas. She rescued him, took him in and to the vet, got him treated and healthy and he has been a great guy ever since! At the time the vet stated that one of his testicles had not dropped, but the vet said he did not think surgery was necessary, and there was no easy way to neuter him, so he recommended just avoiding it. We don't think that was the best advice ever....... but hey, that's what happened.

So Cheryl did not have him neutered at that time. A few months ago it became obvious that he was having some pain, and some swelling was visible, so she took him to the vet, and they now say he has a tumor in the undropped testicle and it must be removed. It is almost certainly cancerous, but it has not spread, so if we can do the surgery soon he should be fine! And, he will now be neutered too!

The financial situation

The whole procedure will only be around $500 or so with follow up and meds, maybe a bit more... but Cheryl has found herself in financial difficulty recently. She was injured and permanently disabled at work, but her application for SSDI has been taking a long time. She has a hearing next month, but for now she is out of work, but with no disability income. She has gone through her savings, and just does not have the money. She rescued Peewee back when she was working, and of course he is family now, so she really needs our help to get him this surgery he needs! Please, if you can help SHARE Peewee's story, and make a donation, it would be greatly appreciated! He doesn't need much, if we all help a little we can save his life! WOOOF!!!


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