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Pebbles was left chained to a pole in a supermarket parking lot!

In the rain! Fortunately Darlene Sears of Kitty Katchers rescue was contacted by a good samaritan and came and got Pebbles. But Pebbles' story is a long one. Darlene took her to the vet right away to get checked, and the vet labeled her as aggressive to other dogs. That made it very hard to get a foster home, and Pebbles ended up at the Long Beach Animal Shelter.

Now Darlene did not give up, they networked her and hoped to get her adopted. But it didn't happen. When Pebbles was in danger of being put to sleep, Darlene got her our of the shelter, but still had the problem of no foster home. However Darlene was able to connect with the rescue group The Animal Debt Project. They will be able to get her adopted, but poor Pebbles has some medical issues that need to be taken care of first.

Pebbles' Medical Condition

She has a mammary tumor, and one or more bad teeth. So she needs to have the tumor removed, and biopsied to be sure it is benign, and get her bad tooth pulled. All of this can be done at the same time, saving money and trouble for Pebbles. Once she is healthy, if she cannot be adopted her in California, The Animal Debt Project will transport her to Montana, where they have a network of verified adopters who take big dogs like Pebbles and provide them with good homes.

She is a really sweet dog, who has been stuck with the incorrect label as "dog aggressive". We don't want to see Pebbles' chance at a great life ruined just because this, so let's get her healthy so we can get her adopted! Can you help Pebbles today? THANK YOU and WOOF!

Pebbles' Vet Estimate

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