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Ollie attacked, possibly hit by a car.

He needs physical therapy, or he may have to lose his leg.

Ollie was admitted to the Riverside, CA animal shelter as hit by a car. He could not stand, and seemed to have significant injuries to his front legs. Because the shelter cannot afford to treat these types of injuries, he was in danger of being put-to-sleep, so Suzanne Mikhail and her colleagues rescued him.

He is only a puppy of about eight months, and upon their inspection and further examination by the veterinarian, it was clear that he was had suffered an animal attack. He has numerous puncture wounds on his front legs, and thrash marks on his head and shoulders indicating he had been thrown around. It is possible that the shelter mis-identified what happened to him, or that he was first attacked by an animal and then hit by a car... perhaps he was a "bait-dog" that was then dumped on the road, or perhaps he was attacked and managed to run off and was hit by a car. In any case, his injuries seemed to be predominately from animal attack.

Suzanne and the vet have treated his injuries, and he is getting much better, but he has one serious condition: Brachial Plexus Injury. You can read about it here https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brachial_plexus_injury

What Ollie needs now:

He cannot use his left paw, and the nerve damage also effects his elbow and the whole leg. The problem is that this condition will eventually effect his spine, so if he cannot get better his leg must be amputated.

Ollie needs physical therapy to improve his condition and avoid amputation. It is not guaranteed, but Suzanne has been working with him, and he already has some improvement in movement, which is a very hopeful sign! Now she wants to have him go to professional physical therapy, both treadmill and swimming. The estimated cost is about $600.

Suzanne is dedicated to working with Ollie, and following up on his treatments. She needs our help to afford the physical therapy. Can you help share Ollie's story so he can get the physical therapy he needs to improve his nerve function? Can you help Ollie avoid amputation of his leg? THANK YOU!! WOOOOOOF!

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