Ollie and Summer


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Two for one! Woof!!

Ollie the Poodle and Summer the Schnauzer! We are doing a rare double dog here, your donation goes to help both Ollie and Summer! They live together and have the same owner, Val.

Ollie is 8 years old, and Summer is 12. Val has been treating both of them for some issues, but she has run short of available funds recently, and these two sweet dogs need our help to continue their care.


Ollie has an abscess in his stomach that may require surgery, and a growth on the inside of his mouth in the gums. Both of these need further examination and treatment.


She is the more serious case. We have already purchased a refill of Summer's Thyroid medication, but the serious issue is that she has lost a lot of weight, from 25 to just around 15 pounds. She is lethargic, and has been peeing on herself. The vet wants to test now for Cushing's disease, which she has a lot of the symptoms of... the good news is that Cushing's can be treated with medications, but the bad news is the testing is expensive.

Your Donation Helps Both!

Val has run short of money, as she has been getting Summer regular exams the last few months. Your donation will go to the vet, not the owner, for treatment for Ollie and Summer only (not any other dog). Can you please help these two get the treatment they need? Thank you!


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