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Video from the vet:

Oliver has had a long series of problems from a possum bite

At Christmas of 2015 Oliver got in fight with a Possum. Oliver is neutered, and not aggressive, but cats will still be territorial around their owners property... and apparently Oliver was. The fight resulted in two deep bite in Oliver's rear thigh and belly. The only vet that was open on Christmas night was Banfield Vet in Pet Smart, in Victorville, CA. So his owner Sheryl rushed him there.

The vet stitched Oliver up and installed to shunts to drain the wounds. It is now believed that one of those stints, probably due to improper handling, caused a staph infection in Oliver. Of course this wasn't know at first. The infection really didn't show up until some time later, and at first it was not clear what the problem was.

Sheryl took him to Bear Valley Animal Hospital, in Apple Valley (near to Victorville), which is the only vet in the area that does laser therapy. Laser therapy was recommended to help heal his wound faster, lowering the chance of repeat infection. Unfortunately for Oliver it took time to find out what was wrong, and he got re-infected a few times as well. Poor Sheryl has spent over $5000 in the last year on his repeated treatments.

The current situation

The problem is now completely understood, and Oliver is now on the path to final treatment. He is only five years old, and should fully recover now if his treatments can continue. The problem is his owner Sheryl, a cat rescuer with three other rescue cats, has run out of money. Oliver is still being treated at Bear Valley, and is in the vet. The staph infection had spread into his knee and joints, but has been stopped and is in remission. His skin is healing, with continued laser therapy. He is also being treated with the antibiotic doxycycline and gets an epsom salt bath every three days.

His outstanding bill, along with medications cost and such is about $1200. It also costs $15 a day to keep him in the vet, which is actually a very good price.

How you can help Oliver and Sheryl now

Oliver needs to pay up his bill for his continuing treatment, he's right at the end finally and his prognosis is great! He should be cleared to go home after a few more days of treatment, though he needs continued medication and follow up visits. Donations will go only to Bear Valley Vet, and only for Oliver. His owner Sheryl has spent so much time and money on him, let us all show our appreciation to her and help Oliver over this last hurdle!

If you prefer you can also donate via PayPal directly at: https://www.paypal.me/FreeAnimalDoctor


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