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Abandoned when her owners moved!

Left alone at an empty house, poor Nayla got pregnant from a stray...

...then she had puppies and some neighbors basically stole them from her. Fortunately Jennifer Short found out about it, and went out there to help! Jennifer got ahold of one of the neighbors and was able to talk her into giving back the three puppies she had taken. Jennifer then returned the puppies to Nayla.

Nayla was so happy to have her puppies back she started following Jennifer around and would even give her paw! So Jennifer used then chase to catch Nayla. She then rescued the three puppies as well!!

Jennifer now has Nayla and the three puppies. She will get all of them spayed and their shots, take care of them and get them adopted!!! Jennifer is asking for help with the costs for Nayla. She will probably be able to cover the puppies costs, or almost cover it with an adoption fee when they are ready, but she needs help paying for Nayla.


The money donated will be paid to the vet for Nayla for shots and spay. If you can help please SHARE this story, and donate if you can!! Thank you so much! Let's show Jennifer we appreciate her good efforts here and that we support Nayla!


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