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Minnie needs tumors removed urgently

Minnie stayed on a street corner in industrial Ontario, California near the airport with her buddy Mickey the Puppy for days, until finally Faith Easdale was able to rescue her! Below is a picture of Minnie (the Cocker mix) with Mickey (the Mini-Pin) on the day they were rescued from the street corner!

Minnie and Mickey are really bonded, and both whine whenever separated from the other, won't eat etc... so Faith has managed to keep them together in foster care. Minnie is about seven years old, but Mickey is still a puppy under a year-old, and Faith would also like to get them adopted to the same home.

What's wrong with Minnie

Minnie has two major mammary tumors, and the vet is certain they are cancerous. The good news is they are external and an x-ray of Minnie's lungs came back clean, with no indications of cancer. Faith wants to get the tumors removed and biopsied. At the time of the surgery the vet will also check as best as possible if the tumors are spread internally at all, and remove as much as possible based on this. Minnie will also be spayed at the same time, and that should also help reduce the likelihood of recurrence of these tumors.

Can you support Faith and her efforts saving these lost dogs!? Not only has she rescued these two, but she has gone out of her way to keep them together! Support Faith by SHARING and donating. You can also donate directly to PayPal with the email info@freeanimaldoctor.org

Thank you, and big WOOFs!

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  • lynn benson
  • Sharon Brown
    Even though I only spent a little time with Minnie I fell in love with her gentle nature. Thank you Rescue by Faith for all you do.
  • 06/03/2017
  • 06/02/2017
    Well wishes for Minnie and many thanks to Faith!