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Meet Miss Meeka!

This sweet little lady is just 2.5 years-old, but suffering from IMHA (Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia). This disease is not well understood, but the basics are that the body's immune system turns on itself, and kills red-blood cells. The main component of treatment is to suppress the immune system, but we all have an immune system for a reason! One of the most dangerous aspects of IMHA is infection, and many dogs with IMHA die of an infection, not the IMHA directly.

Meeka was rescued by Sharon at the end of 2015 as a 9-month puppy

We also want to tell you about Sharon! She adopted Meeka from the animal shelter in 2015. Sharon had told herself, that if she really quit smoking, as a reward, she would allow herself to get another dog. She had lost her German Shepard, and wanted to give her self a goal and reward. Fortunately for Meeka, Sharon was able to quit smoking, and when she went looking for a new pup, she saw Meeka on Pet-Finder and just fell in love immediately.

Sharon had only had Meeka for 3 months, when Meeka started throwing up and eating dirt (a sign of IMHA). Sharon took her to the vet, and pretty quickly it was determined she had IMHA, with a red blood cell count of only 13%, a deadly low number, it should be around 50%. IMHA is a very expensive disease to treat, with no guarantee of success. It is normal to spend over $10,000 treating a dog with IMHA. Sharon had only had Meeka 3 months, and Sharon doesn't make a lot of money. Most people, let's be honest, would have returned Meeka to the shelter, or had her put-to-sleep... but Sharon committed to her!

Sharon has spent over $8000 so far on Meeka, and has run out of money and credit-lines. Her cards are maxed out. Part our appeal to you today is also about Sharon, we really want to support and help such a person, who has sacrificed so much for a shelter dog she had just adopted!!!

Meeka's health and what she needs

Meeka has been recovering, but she now has a problem with too high of a red-blood cell level, which make the blood to thick. However, this is most likely a correctable problem that is better than a low count. The vet is now regularly lowering her medications, which is a careful and deliberate process that cannot be rushed or skipped. If done to fast, the dog can relapse and be right back to square one.

Meeka needs monthly blood draws and bi-monthly full blood panels to make sure her medication step-down is done correctly. She also needs a steady supply of medications, one of which is compounded, and thus expensive. For the next four months, we expect Meeka's total cost to be around $800-1000 total. The vet thinks, if things continue as they have, and with some luck, Meeka may fully recover, and within 4 months no longer need any medication!

Please, if you can donate, let's help Meeka get to the finish line! She has come so far! Thank you! WOOOOOF!!!

Vet documents, previous bills:


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