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Eye burst, urgent surgery required!

Unfortunately it is beyond repair, his eye has to be removed. Poor Maxon is only 2 months old, and about 1.5 pounds, but at this point we have no other option, the eye has to be removed.

What happened with Maxon.

On Thursday, August 10th, our good friend and animal rescuer Francella Pataccia received a phone call about an injured kitten. The person reporting it was asking to have the kitten taken to the animal shelter and be put-to-sleep. Francella managed, instead, to get the kitten to a vet, where they named him Maxon.

Maxon's right eye was swollen and red, clearly injured from some sort of trauma. This vet wanted to observe and possibly do surgery in a few days, but was hesitant to give pain medications due to Maxon being so young and under-weight. Because of this Francella arranged to transfer Maxon to another vet, where they offered the use of an opioid that the vet stated would be safe. On this examination, the vet wanted to do surgery the following Monday or Tuesday (it was still Thursday the 10th).

So with a prescription of this opioid and antibiotics, Maxon went home to foster care. Then on Saturday the 12th, the eye burst. It started leaking blood, and got up to a scary rate. It was later in the afternoon, and a Saturday, but we managed to reach Dr. Sidhu at Day Creek Animal Hospital. His office was closed, but he met Francella and examined Maxon immediately.


Dr. Sidhu stabilized the eye. It is beyond any repair, and must be removed. Surgery was set for the next day, Sunday the 13th. We will post results in the UPDATES tab above. Dr. Sidhu also diagnosed Maxon with an upper respiratory infection (URI). The only thing for the eye is to remove it. We are raising money for Maxon's surgery and for treatment for the URI. Please help share Maxon's story and donate if you can!

All donations are paid to the vet, not any individual. Donations are only for Maxon. Surgery is being done without waiting for the required amount first. THANK YOU!

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