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Shot, Possibly Poisoned!

Maxine needs our help now, she is at the vet.

Maxine's owner Beverly lives in the Victorville area, at a house with a fenced yard. On Sunday night (Sept 24th) Maxine went missing, probably having jumped over the fence. A few hours later she showed up back home, at the front gate, acting strange.

When Beverly approached her, Maxine seemed to be in a daze, she had a clear wound on her head, that Beverly thinks may be a wound from a BB gun. Maxine would not stand, and had to be carried into the house. She then walked around some, but seemed weak and lethargic.

At the vet, the doctor agreed that it looked like a BB pellet wound, but the first x-ray did not reveal a BB in the skull. His concern was that Maxine had also been poisoned. Although Beverly did not have money to pay for treatment, Ark Animal Hospital in Victorville stabilized Maxine.

What Maxine needs now:

She is still in trouble, there is something going on that the vet cannot yet determine. We authorized a full body x-ray and a round of blood tests today, and will know the results soon (follow us on Facebook to keep up-to-date). Maxine's initial treatment, and these further tests will be about $1000 (see estimate below).

In this case the veterinarian treated Maxine with no payment, and we have authorized further testing without donations yet, so please donate if you can to show your appreciate, especially to Ark Animal Hospital! People always ask "Why won't the vet treat the animal first and worry about the money later?" So please, don't let down the vet this time! Thank you so much! WOOOF!!

Vet Estimate:


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