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Marley the Lady Basset

She's the sweetest girl you'll meet! When she was a puppy the young man who had her could not keep her, and Patti stepped in and adopted her so she wouldn't end up in the animal shelter. Patti has a lot of rescue dogs, and some rescue cats too, but recently she's had some financial troubles and now living on her own is struggling to deal with some unexpected vet bills.

Marley has a number of cysts

Marley is now eight years-old. About two years ago she had a couple of cysts, tumors basically, suddenly appear and grow quickly. Patti got her to the vet, and they were removed. The surgery cost about $1000 at that time. Unfortunately, since then the cysts have returned.
Patti is on a fixed income and at this time just does not have the money for another surgery. The cysts are getting big now, and if they were to burst or get infected the problem could get a lot worse.

What Marley needs

We hope to get Marley to the vet for an examination of the new cysts, and then have them all removed. She will need a blood test before surgery and we want to make sure to get them all removed, and thoroughly, this time. The surgery with all the testing will cost more than $1000, and Patti will contribute what she can! We don't have a written estimate yet, but we will post one as soon as we can get her in for her pre-surgery exam.

Please SHARE her story with your friends on Facebook and other social media, and if you can a donation to get ultrasound would be GREAT! If you prefer you can also donate through PayPal directly here: or using our email be sure to put "Marley" in the comment field. You can mail a donation to: Marley c/o Free Animal Doctor, 70 E. Montecito Ave., Sierra Madre, CA 91024.

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