Manny’s teeth hurt and need attention


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Manny's owner Jackie adopted him from a pup. She she adopted Manny he had Parvo and nearly died. Now Manny is six years old. She has always taken care of him, but after become disabled she had trouble regularly caring for his teeth. Noticing that Manny was rubbing at his mouth and such she took him to the vet, but the price to get him treated was just to high. Jackie just can't afford it. But she really cares about Manny and has been looking everywhere for something she can do for him. That's is how she found us!

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Here is a copy of the estimated bill from Manny's vet: 2015-01-24 10.46.33

Your tax-deductible donation goes to the vet, not Jackie or anyone else. If we get the $575 the vet gets paid, and Manny gets his treatment. If we don't your money will be 100% refunded.


Thanks everyone:
That's a photo of Manny at home after his surgery. He's still a little dopey!


Manny got to the vet, Apply Valley Animal Hospital, at 9AM on Tuesday, March 17th, 2015. He was seen by the doctor and it was confirmed that he had a serious gum infection. The lightest touch of his teeth caused Manny to flinch in pain. Further, there was real risk the infection had already spread or soon would spread through the body, and also to the stomach. As such a thorough exam was done, and it was determined that the infection had not yet spread. Also, other than the teeth, Manny was in great health. Thus the vet recommended immediate surgery and removal of some of the teeth as needed.

Manny went into surgery that morning, and came out of post surgery care at 2:30PM. He was sleepy, but otherwise fine! The necessary extractions were done, and he is expected to be fully recovered in about 5 days!

Funding by FABULOUS FAD donors got this done! We paid the vet, got the medicine, and are getting Manny some special dehydrated got food that is easy to chew. Check back at the blog or on our Facebook Page for updates!

Below are more pictures from the vet:

Coming into the vet Exam Infection

Manny's Meds:


Going Home!!!:


Again, THANKS TO ALL DONORS! You got this done! WOOF! 

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Is this donation tax deductible?

Who gets the $575?
The veterinarian. All payments go to the vet directly.

Why can't the owner pay?
She is on disability (fixed income).