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Meet Malachi...

Poor guy's tumor has come back!

His owner Travis spent well over $2000 treating him in 2015 for a tumor in the same location. It is possible that the surgery done at that time was not completely proper, as the tumor has returned in the same area.

Malachi is a great Pittie-mix, very friendly and Tavis's best friend! The original surgery healed strangely, and the vet did not seem to take it as seriously as he should have. Scar tissue developed, that that vet dismissed, but the tumor has now regrown in the same area.

Travis has found a new vet, who specializes in this kind of problem, and likes this vet very much. The bottom line though, is Malachi needs a new surgery to remove the current tumor.

A little bit graphic:

How you can help now

We need to raise a minimum of $1460 to get the surgery started. The total cost will be higher, but this is the deposit we need to begin! The tumor has recently started to grow quickly, and is now bigger than a golf ball. Because of this rapid growth and the fact that it appears to be recurring, we want to do surgery urgently and check for any spread. This vet is a specialist, so it is not cheap, but we are working on getting a small discount. Every dollar you donate to Malachi goes only to his vet! We only pay the vet, never the owner! All donations here are only for Malachi!

Next to the door, whimpering (turn on volume):

Can you please help SHARE Malachi's story and make a donation today? Thank you!!!


Vet Documents

Bills Travis has already paid, he needs our help now please!


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  • Alicia Ledesma
    Please donate and share even if it's 5.00 donation
  • 10/18/2017
  • Anonymous
  • 10/15/2017
    Thank you for helping !
  • Anonymous
    Wish I could do more, will pray for Malachi!!!!
  • 10/14/2017
  • 10/12/2017
  • 10/11/2017
    This diet of raw foods, minerals and cod liver oil has cured many dogs. It might help.
  • Joanna Chicola
  • Anonymous