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Poor Emma suddenly had a seizure!

What a story for this little girl and her owner!

About six years ago Cyd Chapin was hit by a van, and both her legs were crushed. At the time she was told she would probably never walk again, and of course she was in so much pain... She became depressed and would rarely leave the house, getting to the point where she was wondering if there was even a reason to go on living.

Her sister runs a cat rescue, and got involved with a case where 15 dogs were found living in a pop-up camper trailer. It was one of those hoarding cases, and all the dogs were in bad shape. Cyd's sister was helping home the dogs, and got Little Emma for Cyd. Her thought was that Emma might help get Cyd out of her depression.

Well it Worked!

Over time Emma brought Cyd back from her depression! The two became best friends, and really bonded. Cyd has gotten a little brother for Emma, Tyson who is in some pictures. And Emma also plays with Zeus, her daughter's pit bull (in the videos). Emma is also a have of Cyd's grandchildren.

What Happened.

Emma suddenly had a full seizure. She is about 8 years old, and has never had one before. There are multiple possibilities, but as a first step the vet wants to do a blood test to check for various organ functions, and Emma has never had one anyone, so it is a good idea all around.

Cyd can now walk! But she is fully disabled still, and it is painful to move around for her. So, money is really tight. Right now we are raising money just to Emma her blood test! All donations are just for Emma and will be paid directly to her vet! Thank you!

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  • 11/16/2017
    I could not see for Emma not to get the blood test to find out why she is having seizure.