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Little Joplin is really sick!

Intestinal blockage, cannot eat or drink!

Rescued by Shelly Summers last year (2017) from the high kill shelter in Devore, CA, Joplin was listed as "Fearful and bitting" so he was not being treated medically, and hard to get adopted. Shelly got him out of the shelter just about an hour before he was scheduled to be put-to-sleep.

She took him home, and he was great with other dogs and people he got used to, but he is a Jack Russell, and a very anxious one at that. So he was not that easy to get adopted, at adoption events he would hide from new people. But Shelly is working with him and will get him a good home! He is only about 4 years-old.

What is wrong with Joplin

On Saturday night (Dec 30th) he started acting a bit sick. By Sunday he was vomiting, would not drink water or eat, and was acting very lethargic, which is the opposite of how the high-strung little Joplin usually acts.

Early Monday morning he was worse, and Shelly noticed he would try to poop but could not. It became obvious something was seriously wrong that was not getting better, and she called some friends for advice. The problem was that it was New Year's Day and every vet was closed! But it became obvious that Joplin was critical and needed emergency care.


Joplin spent New Year's Day in the ER vet. X-rays revealed a large blockage in the intestine, and surgery is going to be necessary. Shelly arranged the best she could with the ER, stayed with him all night where he was stabilized, and in the morning on Tuesday took him to her vet for the surgery.

Paying for the ER visit and overnight hospitalization on New Year's Day has drained Shelly's available funds, and she could really use our help! Little Joplin will require surgery to remove this blockage, or he will die. There is no other choice unfortunately. Can you please help Little Joplin get his life saving surgery today? All donations are paid only for Joplin's care! Thank you so much!!

Vet documents and x-rays

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