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You will love this story!

Dora Espinoza got Little Harley about 5 years-ago. A neighbor was moving out, a neighbor that she suspected of breeding dogs. Watching the process she saw that they were abandoning Harley, leaving him locked in a cage in the empty house! Well she went over and asked what was going on, and of course the neighbors were rude and belligerent. She managed to look in at Harley, and he was in bad shape, dirty, she could see fleas, and his ears looked almost burnt! The neighbors were going to leave Harley there, locked in a cage, as they moved out, yet they refused to give him to Dora! So Dora threatened to call the police, and suddenly they were happy to give her Harley!

She took him home, and then right to the vet. Now it is a rough story, but it remember things are looking up for Harley now! As we said, he was dirty and covered in fleas, and he had to be shaved due to matting. His ears were damaged from exposure to the sun (this was in Victorville, the high-desert of southern California). He even had a dew-claw hanging on a thread of skin... just a mess.

But we said this was a story you would love right? So here is where that comes in! Dora didn't plan on keeping Little Harley, she saved him, but planned on finding a home for him. That didn't happen. Harley was so happy in his new home, a real home, where he could run around... where he was out of the sun... where kids were playing with him! Well, Little Harley was just the best and the family fell in love with him, and that was that and he was adopted to the Espinoza clan! WOOF!

Harley's medical problem

So for 5 years Little Harley has been living it up, and in perfect health! But recently he started having a problem. It's a little hard to see in the video above, but he will start to get tremors in his legs, shake, fall down. Dora took him to Ark Animal Hospital (who we highly recommend) and the doctor there wants to do some tests. It could be diabetes, it could be a joint problem, there are a number of possibilities.


In addition his teeth are pretty bad. This is common with Yorkies, and he was mistreated for years almost certainly with a bad diet. There will need to be a few extractions, and the vet thinks it is probably a bit painful for him now, and will only get worse of course. Also, he is not neutered.

What your donation helps us do for Little Harley:

Dental surgery to get him out of pain and prevent infection, neutering, x-rays of his legs and hips and a full blood test! Let's help Dora get the care for Harley that he needs, please share his story with your friends too! Thank you!!

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  • Lizette Velez
    Little Harley my prayers are for you. I will try and donate again.
  • Lizette Velez
    Little Harley my prayers are for you. I will try and donate again.