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Lisette is URGENT!

Stomach entered her throat, cannot eat!

Little girl is only about 4 months old. The people that bought her took her to the vet when she started vomitting and she was diagnosed with megaesophogus, an enlarged throat tube, basically. The family was going to have her put-to-sleep rather than have corrective surgery.

Fortunately for Lisette Top Dog Rescue took her in! But unfortunately the other day her condition got worse before she got treated, she developed pneumonia and then she developed into a worse condition where the stomach came up into her esophagus. You can see this in the x-rays below.

Now this poor little girl cannot swallow, no food at all. She is also having trouble breathing. Surgery is urgently required, so we need donations please!


All donations to Lisette will only be paid to Ark Animal Hospital for Lisette only! Please donate in confidence!

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