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Laci is depressed and in pain from bladder stones

Bobbie got Laci as a puppy as a present from her girlfriend eight years ago. When Bobbie saw her as a puppy she knew little Laci had some congenital health problems, and was probably from a breeder, but Bobbie also got a very bad feeling from the seller who delivered Laci, and though she was hesitant she accepted the little dog, worried for her safety.

It turned out to be a great decision. Little Laci immediately became Bobbie's best friend, following her everywhere... probably, as dogs do, knowing that Bobbie had saved her from a bad situation. Over the next eight years Bobbie had a number of personal tragedies. Her girlfriend died, as did her mother. Laci was there each time, comforting everyone.

Laci's health issues

Fortunately Laci never developed any of the serious health issues Bobbie feared, but about two years ago she did get bladder stones. These stones are painful, and make it very hard to pee. Bobbie got her surgery at that time, and consulted with her vet to adjust Laci's diet and prevent the stones from coming back. But a few months ago, it became clear, Laci had stones again. She is depressed, clearly has trouble peeing, and is surely in pain.

The problem is that since the last time and now Bobbie's mother passed. Her mother's name was on the lease of the apartment and the landlord used this as an excuse to raise the rent over 50%. And to pile on Bobbie had to have major surgery and has been out of work, and can no longer work full-time. So now she doesn't have the money to get Laci treated again.

What we want to do for Laci

Bobbie has gotten Laci diagnosed. We want to get the stones treated, which requires surgery, and then get Laci on a comprehensive plan to prevent reoccurrence, including regular blood tests after the surgery. We want this treated, and we want to insure it does not come back!

As you can see in the pictures Laci is a very sweet dog, gets along with her kitties! But she is sad. We know she is hurting and needs our help! Can you please SHARE Laci's story? Can you make a donation right now? All donations are paid to the vet for Laci's care. We don't pay the owner, we pay the vet. We don't collect donations generally using Laci as a mascot, these donations are for Laci's vet costs! Thank you so MUCH! WOOOOOOF!!!

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