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Surgery needed ASAP or she will die.

Today, Tuesday August 1st, the vet diagnosed her UTI (urinary tract infection) as so severe it requires complex surgery. If she does not get this procedure very soon, the infection will spread to her blood, and kill her. SHE HAS COME SO FAR! SHE IS BASICALLY BETTER, but this STUPID INFECTION now threatens to KILL HER. This is an emergency appeal! Please SHARE SHARE SHARE and donate if you can! Here is the treatment plan and estimate from today --> Kenadie Foss estimate


Her full, original story is below:

Kenadie has IMHA, but is recovering!

IMHA: Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia... it basically means her body doesn't make red blood cells, and in her condition, it does not appear to be from an underlying reason, such as cancer. Kenadie is only 4 years-old. Her owner Lindsey has had her since a puppy, and she had been healthy until over a year ago when this health saga began. But, by this time Lindsey had begun a grad program in Idaho, though she is from California.

What's wrong with that? Well nothing, except as a student Lindsey had little available funds. The good news for Kenadie was that money or not, Lindsey was dedicated to her and worked really hard to get her treatment. She started a GoFundMe back then for her, and also spent a lot of her own limited savings. IMHA treatment takes many tests, trials, and visits to specialists. Lindsey has spent thousands of dollars on Kenadie.

The situation now

At the beginning of the year Lindsey had a serious relapse. This drained Lindsey's remaining finances. Unfortunately the medication that helps fight IMHA reduces the body's natural immune system, and poor Kenadie has been suffering from a series of infections including UTI's (urinary tract infections) that will not clear up.

Lindsey also had health insurance for Kenadie, but these repeated infections have maxed out the insurance limits. One visit to the vet just for the management of the infections, never minding the IMHA, can be $500-$600.

But there is good news, things are getting better!


Recently the IMHA condition seems be improving. The primary medication Kenadie takes, Azaphioprine, has been reduced from 50mg a day to 25mg. And so far the lower dosage is working! The hope is a combination of two things, that Kenadie will be better able to fight off infections, and that if tests remain positive, she may get to stop the Azaphioprine completely! The vet is feeling positive on Kenadie, as is Lindsey.... but right now, when it is finally looking good, the money has run out!

Our goal, and our request to you, is to help Kenadie complete her treatments! She is doing so well, and the end may finally be in sight! She just went to the vet, and her latest infection (UTI) is cleared up! Her trajectory is all on the upswing, and it would be such a terrible shame to cut her off now! Can you help Kenadie complete her treatments and tests? Your donation only goes to her, and is paid by us to the vet, never the owner. All donations are also tax-deductable. Please help SHARE her story, and consider a donation!! WOOOOF!!!

Some of the vet bills:

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