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Broken Jaw in two places!

On Friday night, July 21st, he was found walking in the middle of a fairly busy street in Baldwin Park, CA. Christina Corona managed to grab him up and get him in her car.

Christina saw him in the street, made a u-turn and found him in the parking lot of an auto-body shop. The owner there said he had seen him for a while. When she first got him in her car, Christina did not fully notice the jaw... but on noticing that and seeing lots of ticks on him, she took him to a vet in Pomona for overnight treatment, and she looked for help, fortunately finding us.

His situation now:

No collar, no chip. Has been seen roaming the streets for over 2 weeks. His jaw is clearly broken, probably in two places. Saturday, July 22nd, we transported him to Day Creek Animal Hospital in Rancho Cucamonga. He is now on an IV, pain medication and liquid, high-calorie food. They will do x-rays and a blood panel, and prep him for surgery. If you think you know this dog, please contact us at

We think he was hit with a weapon, or kicked. He has no other injuries based on the vet's initial visual exam, and no signs of "road rash" or other indication he was hit by a car. We feel his injury is to specifically localized to his jaw to be from a car, though it is possible.

He is clearly in severe pain from his broken jaw, and surgery must be done soon. URGENT donations are need for his care please! All donations go to the vet for his surgery. Please also share this link with your friends online!


Update July 25th, 2017:

Quote from the vet: "Jeffrey was plated, Right side mandible was fractured in two areas and central bone fragment void,  doing great, fit to go home tomorrow."

He ate canned wet food on his own, the day after surgery, the vet technician sent these two pics of him:

Here is an x-ray of the plate in his jaw:

Warning, Graphic Photo -- Below is a photo of him immediately after surgery:


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