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This is Jaky, she had a botched surgery in Mexico!

Yes, they spell her name like that J-a-k-y, but it is pronounced Jackie... she was rescued from Tijuana. She was found in a park and a rescue here in the US, run by Ana Wallace, reached out to help her. The people who found her had her taken to a vet in Tijuana to be spayed.


What happened:

Unfortunately the vet they took her to was a mess.... and the spay surgery was a disaster. Shortly after Jaky's arrival in the US with Ana, Ana noticed she was bleeding. Ana rushed Jaky to her vet and the diagnosis was bad: The vet that did the spay had botched it badly. Parts of her ovaries were still intact, and other organs had been messed with and damaged. The surgery to repair the damage was over FOUR HOURS!

There's more about Jaky's story here: https://www.facebook.com/VadersJusticeFoundation2017/posts/2010275592331046

It will cost $1800 to get this girl back on her feet! Ana has $300.00, but was not expecting this botched surgery, and Jaky and her need our help to get the full bill paid!!

Let's do what we can for Jaky!

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