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Jack and Jill both hit by a car!

These two puppies were both saved from the Riverside shelter.

Jack and Jill were admitted to the Riverside, CA animal shelter in September, both with serious injures from being hit by a car. They were kept in the medical ward while the veterinarian there looked for a rescue to take them, but it did not happen for them for some reason. Fortunately Suzanne Mikhail was finally alerted to them on October 20th, and managed to get them out and to the vet quickly with the help of David Toro (man in the red shirt in the video).

Jack is only 4 months old, and Jill is only 6 months!

Jack has two broken rear legs, one of which requires surgery urgently, the other which will be monitored for the next few weeks. Jill has a broken pelvis and ribs, but went so long without treatment that it has begun to heal, so now the vet is holding off and will monitor her condition. Jack is hospitalized and must stay at the vet for now, but Jill is with Suzanne as a foster and on crate rest.

Donations are for the cost for both dogs, the total of which we expect to be about $2000. Jack will require a plate in one leg and pins, as a minimum... and we will know more once the vet actually has him in surgery and can see directly what is going on.

Videos from the vet:

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