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Issabelle is Depressed

This big ol' sweet girl has a pee pee problem. She can't control her bladder, and though she knows it is wrong, she can't help peeing in the house. It makes her sad and depressed, and is becoming more and more of a problem. It was about once a week or even two weeks, but has now gotten to be a daily thing. She will pee on the floor and looks so sad when doing it, and then walks depressed to hide in a corner or outside.

The good news is that there is medication for this, and she did have this medication before and it worked perfectly!! Her owners went through some very serious financial problems, and have been unable to afford the medication, and because this is a prescription medication she now needs another vet visit to get a new prescription! What happened is that as a large dog she was spayed too young, the family didn't know at the time, but larger dogs should be spayed later. So the muscle in her bladder didn't grow strong enough, and has weakened with time and age. But, again, there is a good medication for this that works very well!

What we want to do for Issabella now

Issabella's family has three children, as well as two other (healthy) rescue dogs. The father has been severely sick with pneumonia, unable to work and bed-ridden for nearly six months in a row. However, he is doing much better now and has gotten back to work. The family is now trying to catch up on all their bills.

What we want to do is get Issabella examined by her vet, a new prescription, and back on the medications ASAP! We are trying to raise enough for her exam, testing, and 6 months of medications. After that the family should be able to afford the medications going forward. Can you please help them help Issabelle?! All donations will go only to the vet for Issabelle's treatment. Thank you!

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