Ice for San Bernardino Shelter Dogs


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It is over 110 degrees at the San Bernardino animal shelter! With NO AC!

Ice is urgently needed to cool dogs in 130 kennels, baking in the sun! Kennels are all outdoors, on flat land. There is no air-conditioning! Friday delivery reported by KTLA channel 5 in Los Angeles:

We are putting blocks of ice in the kennels, along with bags of cubed ice for cats, and for all water bowls. The cat room also has NO AIR CONDITIONING! The electrical system at the shelter is old, and cannot support portable AC units, evaporators, or even fans in large number. The solution is ice, and lots of it!


A big thank you to Bear Ice Company in San Bernardino for delivering ice today, immediately and for FREE.

Continued delivery requires payment, we need YOUR DONATIONS urgently! One hundred blocks of ice weighs nearly 3 tons. We have to pay for delivery by truck, and for people to load and unload it. All donations pay for ice and its delivery!

Please share the word, and donate! 

You can also donate by PayPal directly to put "ICE for SB" in the comment field.

The total cost for ice delivered Friday will be $932.20

See the invoice below for details. We will adjust for Saturday depending on how we are able to distribute the ice, and hopefully have a somewhat smaller order, and thus a lower price. This is our first time doing this, so we are sort of playing it by ear! Thank you for understanding!

Report From Bear Ice

Here is video from Thursday:

Pictures of dogs currently in the shelter:


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