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Poor Hydie has a serious condition, needs surgery urgently to get out of pain.

The condition is called Stomatitis. It was originally discovered in December of 2016. Treatment has been a combination of steroids and antibiotics. Hydie's condition has continued though, and now the vet is clear that surgery is required. Her gums and mouth are infected, and eventually this infection will spread to her heart and other organs. It must be stopped.

This is also quite painful. Hydie now has trouble eating, which is starting to lead to weight loss. The steroid treatment also cannot continue forever, as this can lead to diabetes and other problems. Now is the time to get Hydie her surgery to get her out of pain and into recovery while she is still strong enough and healthy enough to deal with it!

Rescue cat, rescue mom!

Karen rescued Hydie, and her two sisters, from an abandoned apartment. A neighbor had left them locked, alone in the apartment after moving out. Hydie and her sisters were about 1 year-old at this time, and have been great, friendly and health cats until Hydie recently developed this problem.

Karen is involved in animal rescue herself. She has her own organization www.tacticalteamanimalttpa.org that teaches a curriculum to children in local schools in Nevada on Animal Cruelty Prevention. They are also working to get a state database on animal abusers. Karen also worked on getting Nevada SB261, also known as Calvin's Law, passed. This law requires animals from research facilities to be made available for adoption. You can read about that law HERE.

Photo of Karen with state legislators publicizing the passing of Calvin's Law (she is on the right with the black dress and sunglasses):

What Hydie needs now, and why Karen needs our help

Hydie needs dental surgery to remove infected teeth and heal her mouth. The surgery is extensive and she will require test before and after, as well as medications. Karen is retired from the Tribal Police; she was injured severely when an impaired driver hit her head on at 87mph. She is permanently disabled, with back injures and still has metal pieces in her body. She works very hard on animal welfare, and just does not have the available funds to get Hydie her surgery now.

Can you please help little Hydie get out of pain and on the road to recovery? Please SHARE her story! Please donate if you can!

Hydie's vet documents and estimates:

Scan0031 Scan0030 Scan0029 Scan0028 Scan0027 Scan0026 Scan0023 Scan0022 Scan0021 Scan0020

Please note that before she contacted us Karen tried two fundraisers, one on GoFundMe and one on Facebook. She raised only a minimal amount of money ($35 and $125 respectively). Here are the links: Hydie's GoFundMe, and Hydie's Facebook Fundraiser.

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