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Han Solo is only 1 year old, but he severely hurt his knee!


About a week ago he was playing at the dog park, and running really fast with a group of dogs, when suddenly he YELPED and ran up to his mom, Tiffany. He was suddenly scared, and whining, and she noticed him limping! At first Tiffany thought he might have pulled a muscle, and she called a vet and they told her the same thing. But over the next days it just got worse.

Han is always a super active dog, and suddenly he didn't want to do much, and every where he went he limped. He licked his leg, and though he is a stoic little guy, Tiffany could tell he was hurting. So she took him to the vet, and they did x-rays. The x-rays indicate a severe luxating patella, basically a dislocated knee. Tiffany got him to another vet for a second opinion and they concurred.

Han's story

Tiffany got Han Sos a puppy from a rescue event. He is her only dog and best friend she takes everywhere she can! He loves to play, run and go for walks... always a super happy and active little guy! He is now just over 1 year-old, and has never had any health problems.

The medical situation now

Most likely Han will require surgery. Our opinion, generally, on luxating patella is that with small dogs surgery is probably not needed and they can live with it. However, in this case it looks like, from the x-ray, that his knee cap is severely misaligned. We have arranged a consultation with a specialist for Han Solo this week and will have a specific treatment plan soon.

Because of his personality and very young age we really want to help get this little guy out of pain and out walking and running again! Can you please help Han get the care he needs? SHARE SHARE SHARE this link with your friends and please, if you can make a donation it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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