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Froto was hit by a car!

Little guy was bought by Gloria's daughter eight years ago as a gift for her mom and the family... and he turned out to be the best gift ever! Little Froto just loves people, and kids, and especially his mom Gloria! He loves to run and play with the kids in the family, and like to go with them wherever they go.

But this became a problem

While visiting family in Las Vegas, the kids went across the street from their house to the local school, and Froto followed along. The kids were playing when Gloria returned home, unaware that Froto was outside. Froto is so attached to Gloria, that when he heard her car, and saw her pull into the driveway he ran across the street to greet her, and was hit by a car!

The driver stopped, and they got Froto wrapped in a towel and rushed him to the ER vet. But it wasn't the driver's fault, it was just an accident. This has left Gloria to pay for the bills.

What has been done, and what is needed

Gloria is a mom with kids, and just does not have that much money. The initial estimate at the ER vet was over $3000. She paid nearly $500 getting Froto stabilized and on medications for pain, and then they took him home to Victorville. He is now being treated at Ark Animal Hospital

Froto will need surgery. His pelvis is broken. We are not sure the extent of the surgery or the cost yet, Ark will have that information for us later today or Friday, and we will update. The doctor is re-examining him now and doing another x-ray. We know Ark well, and we know they will take care of Froto but also only to the minimum of surgery that is needed, not over-do and over-charge. Froto's family is truly out of money! Today Gloria's sister took $100 of the $165 left in her account out at the ATM to cover his immediate bill at Ark, and she doesn't get paid for two more weeks! PLEASE, if you can help us by SHARING Froto's story and making a donation to his care, it will be appreciated by many, none more than Froto!!! THANKS!

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    Sending big hugs to Froto!?
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