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Poor Kitty with a Bad Arm!

A few weeks ago this sweet little kitty showed up on Tomeka's doorstep in southern Oregon. She took him in, and he turned out to be a very nice cat, getting along with her cat very well.

Problem is he puts no weight on one arm, completely tucking it up, and holding it all the time. Tomeka set up a Go Fund Me and raised a little, but no where near enough. She heard about us, and we took her case. At Free Animal Doctor we ONLY PAY THE VET, and we verify the case, and attempt to get a discount from the vet. Since we will hold the donations and only pay the vet for Franklyn's care, donors here can be sure their donation is going to Franklyn! Hopefully that will increase the number of people donating to him! You can see the Go Fund Me here.

Here is what Tomeka wrote for Franklyn:

"I love my family, but I don't know if I'll wanna be kept solely inside FOREVER! Dr. Winters said I might not adjust well to being inside only (hey.. I like my freedom), that's why it's SO important that I keep my arm.

I need the surgery because the doctor said my bones won't heal on their own.. He can't cast it because there has been too much damage to the bones and internal structuring. I need it sooner rather than later so I won't be in unneccesary amounts of pain to ensure that the bones don't do any more damage render my arm unusable.

My mom will love me either way, she just wants me to be happy & healthy!

I haven't had any vaccinations or parasite treatments, I need to be neutered & haven't had a thorough check up, so I'm hoping to raise enough to make sure I can be checked for a completely clean bill of health as well (don't want my sister to catch a cold..).

My new family is great, but my mom, she's just a college student, lives on her own & she can't afford such a big surgery, but refuses to let me go on my own (*sniff* *sniff* ..she loves me..), & so that's why we're asking for help!"


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