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Worst Animal Attack the Vet Had Ever Seen!

Poor little Dumbo! He is really bad off! Can you help?

Here is the long story short: Brian's two small dogs were in his enclosed yard when his Chihuahua Dumbo was attacked by a feral cat. Dumbo is only 4 pounds, and was severely hurt. Brian rushed him to the vet, and the vet thought it was a coyote attack! Later the vet said he had never seen an animal attack this bad, where the attacked animal survived! At the bottom of the page is the full story from Dumbo's owner Brian.

Dumbo's Condition and How You Can Help

He is doing better. Dumbo was in severe pain, and close to death. His recovery will be painful. He has had his drainage tubes out now, and so far is improving well, but he is in pain. Of course he is being given pain medications, but everything has to be done carefully has he is so small.

His owner is very dedicated. He is hand feeding Dumbo liquid food, and helping him drink water. He is tending to him and his wounds and bandages. Dumbo is a rescue that Brian found abandoned.

Brian needs help with Dumbo's care now, and follow up care later. Your donation goes only to the vet, we pay the vet not the owner. Can you help share Dumbo's story and make a donation to his care? THANK YOU! WOOOOOF!

Vet Bills so far:

Brian's story in his own words:

While going to the bathroom in their own enclosed backyard, my two small dogs were viciously attacked by a feral cat on July 5th around 8am. This large feral cat stood firm scratching wildly & refused to back down. Once I heard the barking, I quickly ran to the other side of the yard screaming “No, no. no”. Wendell, a grey wirehaired terrier mix received injuries near his right eye that looked bloodied but is fine. Dumbo, however, a playful 4 pound toy Chihuahua was severely mauled open about 7” across his back, right side & down under the belly. I scooped him up as fast as I could & held the fileted loose skin against his body to stop the bleeding. My girlfriend came running to help, gave me a blanket to hold Dumbo until we got to the Garden Grove Dog & Cat Hospital. When the vet saw him, they gasped & asked if it was a coyote attack. The dog received immediate pain meds & blood work. Emergency critical care & surgery were performed that afternoon. Dumbo survived the night & spent three days in the hospital with over 30 staples across his back & right side plus the three holes for drainage. The pictures tell the story. On Thursday I hand fed the poor guy because he wasn’t eating. The medical staff smiled as the dog’s friendly demeanor & wagging tail improved. Dumbo came home Friday afternoon but had a rough time of it, waking in the middle of night several times. On Monday drainage tubes were removed causing a bit more pain. He’s slowly on the mend & able to walk on all four paws. Dumbo is lucky to be alive & we’re still in shock. He’s a loving rescue we found four + years ago abandoned in a neighbor’s wood pile & left to die. He’s around 10-12 years old, quiet, loves caresses on his head & backside & can’t wait to jump up on your lap. A Chihuahua who’s proven he has lots of heart & grit for such a little guy. He drinks water from a big bowl because of the cone he’s wearing. I’m still hand feeding him wet food & he gets a dose of pain meds plus two doses of antibiotics every day. He’s wagging his tail all the time now & is expected to make a full recovery. Dumbo will need follow up health care including dental to repair a tooth broken off in the skirmish. I’m an Air Force veteran working part-time as a janitor & cannot afford this must have care.

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  • 08/26/2017
  • Anonymous
  • Karen Buwalda
    Love you bro
  • 08/04/2017
  • 07/28/2017
  • Rachel Reyes
    Pls take good care of him. Hope he gets well soon.
  • Anonymous
  • 07/20/2017
    Praying for Dumbo God Bless you kind Sir. Our fur babies mean the world to us.
  • Anonymous
    Thank you for your service! Praying that Dumbo recovers quickly.
  • 07/20/2017
    Stay strong pup & family!