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Found in a trash can!

Intestines out, over 3 inches, on this little 0.7 lb kitten!

Poor little Drac is so small you can hold him easily in one hand. The vet had to use a styrofoam water cup as an e-collar (cone) after the initial surgery! He is really small :-)

What happened

A neighbor of Brandy Gaunt, founder of Jellicle Cat Rescue in Long Beach, CA, was walking his dog in a local park. He went into the park bathroom, with his dog, and the dog fixated on the bathroom trash bin for paper towels. His dog would just not leave it, so the neighbor looked inside, and saw this little black cat, with something bloody on his rear. He carefully picked him up, put him in a box and at 10:30pm took him to Brandy. Upon looking at him Brandy knew what was wrong, his colon had prolapsed (reversed) and was hanging out of his rear. She rushed him to her vet.

The surgery

He spent the night under care and then had surgery the next day. At under one pound, and so small and young (probably at six weeks) the vet was very worried about doing the surgery, but it was also clear: Drac had to have surgery that day, or be put-to-sleep. There was no other choice.

Fortunately the initial surgery went ok. The pushed the colon back in, and then sutured it to the wall of the abdomen. Unfortunately he has been having some allergic reaction to the sutures, but is being treated for that with medication and closely monitored.

What Drac needs now

Brandy spent close to $300 of her own money on the initial care. We are now hoping to raise money for the main surgery and follow up care that Drac will need. All donations will go only to his surgery bill (estimate below). You can see the initial estimate below, which is over $1800, but the vet is telling us now that Drac has been doing so well, that the total price will probably be a bit lower than this initial estimate.

Please help share Drac's story, every share helps a lot! If you can please donate, even $5 or $10, it helps a lot, and again---> IT ALL GOES TO DRAC! If you prefer to donate directly via PayPal our email is info@freeanimaldoctor.org and put "DRAC" in the comment field. This little kitten is fighting hard to live, and he deserves all of us supporting him!

He will be available for adoption once he recovers! Watch our Facebook Page for updates on him!


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