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Dexter has a Pacemaker!

He has had a lot of surgeries, but is almost at the end of it!

Look at that sweet bulldog face! Dexter's mom has spent all of her available funds on him. He has had a few issues, but the big one came earlier in July when he nearly died from a 3rd degree heart blockage. He had to have immediate heart-surgery and then have a pacemaker installed!

At his recent follow up he is now having Tachycardia (racing heartbeat) and had to be put on heart-monitoring again. His mom Amy has now spent over $7000 on his care, and all her savings as well as maxing out her Care-Credit (a type of loan you can get for vet expenses).

Dexter as a puppy:

What we need for Dexter now

Basically he needs an series of ECG's to analyze his heart, a possible x-ray, and of course the office visit expense of seeing a heart specialist! We do not have an exact estimate yet, but will post one soon. We are expecting his care to cost under $1000. Basically they need to make sure the heart is OK, which it should be, and then make adjustments to the pacemaker and/or his medications.

Dexter has come a long way and had a very serious procedure (heart-surgery!) and survived, we don't want to give up on him now at the end!!! His owner Amy is very dedicated and has just spend every dime she has, so let's help get Dexter over the finish line here! Please share and donate to his cause, all donations only go to pay the vet! THANKS!

Dexter with his heart monitor:

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  • 07/21/2017
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