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What a save! Meet Little Cotton...

This is a great story, you will want to read it we promise... Earlier in May Ron Flores was at a park in Anaheim where his daughter has dance performances. While there someone approached the parents watching their children with a small Maltese, asking if anyone would take her. The person said the dog had been hanging out at the park for weeks, and was a stray and needed a home.

A lady that Ron knows took her first, but the next day she contacted Ron asking him if he remembered about the little dog from the park. She'd realized she just didn't have time for the dog, and besides, her apartment building didn't allow pets. Well Ron already had a dog, Lola, and he wasn't really interested in getting another, but he agreed to help out and took the little Maltese in, planning to do it temporarily.

Ron the detective

Ron's first thought was to find out if the little dog was missing. She was so cute, and just little 5lb sweetie, he thought she had to belong to someone. So, he ended up at the Humane Society in Garden Grove, getting her scanned for a microchip, and it turned out she had one! They called the phone number, but the line was no longer in service. But they had an address, and they gave it Ron. He recognized the street, and realized the house was right near the park where the dog had been found! He also discovered that the Humane Society had a record of one visit by the owner with the dog, and she was registered with the name Cotton, was 10 years old now, and had been spayed.

Ron headed over to the address, thinking he was going to be able to return someone's lost dog. But when he got there the house was for sale. He went up and looked in the windows, and it was empty. While he was doing this he noticed a neighbor watching, and went up to her asking about the house. He had Cotton with him, and showed the her to the neighbor. The neighbor recognized Cotton, and said that indeed Cotton had belonged to the lady that lived in the house, but that she had passed away in February. The lady had a son, but he was homeless and often would camp out at the park.

From here Ron was able to put the story together. Cotton's owner had passed away, and her son had attempted to take care of her, but dealing with his own issues had ended up leaving her alone in the park.

Ron takes Cotton in

Ron talked with his family, and they just couldn't take Little Cotton to the shelter. Plus, as the days went by, Cotton really started fitting in and their dog Lola and her started playing. Lola us a Jack Russell, and has loads of energy, and she just loves having a friend! So Ron decided they would keep Cotton! He went back to the Humane Society, registered her as his, got the chip registry updated, basically made it all legal! And had her examined by their vet.

Cotton and Lola:

Cotton's medical issues

The first vet diagnosed Cotten with some bad teeth, very common with Maltese at this age, and with a tumor on her belly. Ron took her to another vet for a second opinion, and he said it wasn't a tumor, but was a hernia. So Ron took her to a third vet for confirmation and to check prices. They agreed it was a hernia, not a tumor. But it is a hernia that needs repair. Further, none of the vets was able to confirm visually that Cotton was spayed. Her paperwork indicates she is, but she has no scar or tattoo.

Ron has spent a few hundred dollars already, not to mention a lot of time, and he is on a fixed income. He has found a really great price for Cotton's surgery, but the estimate does not include a blood panel, which we think should be done due to age, nor spay, if it turns out she isn't spayed.

Our goal is to raise enough money for her surgery, blood panel, and follow up care. Ron has got some savings to pay for part of it, but we think he has really stepped up here and done a great thing! We are hoping all you animal lovers out there will help cover it for him and his family. All donations will be paid only to the vet for Cotton's care, so donate in confidence! Since we do not know exactly how much it will cost, if we raise more than needed the excess will go to other animals in need through our General Fund!

More videos of Cotton

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