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Hit by a car, she is a trooper!

Poor little Corona was hit by a car, and has been acting like such a tough girl! But the reality is she has two serious injuries and needs to get to a vet for surgery soon!

The family got her about a year ago as a puppy. Their other dog Gypsy had pups, and then felt Corona was special, and kept her, getting the others adopted out. She has been a great family dog, full of energy and fun!

The family had a party and bit of a family reunion, and Corona got out. She was missing for two days, and they were looking for her everywhere when she just reappeared at home! But she was limping and had some blood on her.

What is wrong

They took her to two different vets and they both say she has a diafragmatic hernia and a broken bone. The hernia needs to be fixed first, then the leg can be looked at. The hernia surgery is urgent, so we are hoping we can start raising some donations for Corona ASAP!! We may be able to get her into surgery at a vet before we raise all the money, if we can make a deposit type payment! So PLEASE, SHARE SHARE SHARE her story and donate if you can! Thanks!!

Vet docs (more coming):


Sad news
Corona passed away during surgery. She had an internal hernia where internal organs such as the liver and intestines and pushed into the lung cavity. This type of surgery is risky. What happens is the organs are temporarily holding internal tears shut, but during surgery they open and the bleeding cannot be stopped. This is what happened to Corona.
The vet reduced the cost of surgery to under $600 covering only his costs of medications and anesthesia, etc.... This is very generous. Vets are not magicians and make no promises, especially with this type of surgery that has a low success rate. The vet would be completely reasonable and ethical in charging the full rate for the surgery which was $1600.
Since we raised more than the reduced rate of ~$600 we would be happy to refund anyone's donation if you so desire. Any excess money left over after the vet bills are paid will go to our general fund and be used to help other animals in need and promote their cases. But, you did donate to Corona specifically, so we are happy to refund anyone's donation. Email and include the email address you use when donating. DO NOT include your credit card information :-) Your donation will be refunded to the card or PayPal account your used. I will also be sending an email to all donors.
Surgery is always a risk, never undergo it lightly, for you or your pet! In Corona's case is was a life saving necessity, she would have died, probably painfully, without the surgery. But it is not something to undertake lightly. WOOF!

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    The FAD community helped my doggy hoping to return the favor!
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